Scientific projects are written on fonts, spaces, etc.

Requirements for abstracts are set by the organizer or committee of the scientific conference and communicated to all potential participants. They must be strictly adhered to, as any violation of the requirements leads to a significant increase in the cost of developing a set of abstracts, which may be a reason to refuse to protect the student. Usually, a research project is written and falls under the following requirements:

  • Normal size -1-2 pages of printed text;
  • Times New Roman font, 14;
  • MS Word document format.

One page of printed text is approximately 45 lines or 5-7 middle paragraphs. In this case, most of the names, surnames of the authors, and the names of the organizations in which they leading work.

Important algorithms for writing essays by the authors of the site


  • determine what type of thesis will be applied to you;
  • develop a detailed structure of theses;
  • imagine what the main result of your work will be.

During the calculation, choose a good title of the thesis: the above type of dissertation, the main result, the completion of the thesis, and its actual content, which will be described in the cheap thesis.

Compose the structure of the work according to the obligatory parts of the work of your chosen type, which were mentioned above. Consider what each section is about, and write down its main idea in one sentence next to each section.

Usually, one paragraph in the text of the work corresponds to one paragraph. If you have several ideas in one section, it means that this chapter will consist of several paragraphs. This way you will get a detailed action first-rate plan for writing a thesis.

Read carefully what has been written and see if these sections and paragraphs are enough to fully cover the topic. If not enough, add more. The ideas of each of your paragraphs should be built logically to prove the main idea of ​​the whole work. If necessary, change the order of paragraphs, clarify the wording. You can change the section trust name. Carefully read the requirements for the design of abstracts, paying attention to their volume. Express this by the number of lines in the appropriate font and divide the volume into separate sections and paragraphs. This way, you will get a detailed plan of your dissertations. You can go to writing them.

In turn, starting from the first paragraph, the prime authors of express their views, trying to fit into a selected piece of text. After writing the first paragraph, go to the second. Read the whole text. Edit paragraph transitions, paragraph contents. You will likely have new considerations as you top write.

Know your target audience

Almost all conferences are waiting for you, except for attending a meeting, presenting abstracts, or speaking. Many conferences have unlimited space for presentations. To be competitive and to be able to publish and effectively present your research at a scientific meeting, the text should convey the most outstanding and up-to-date theses of your research.

Before ordering a thesis on finest, be sure to read the conference instructions in the required report format. This will allow you to set limits on the number of words and design features of the work (for example, structured titles and unstructured annotations). It is also worth reading examples of several theses from meetings of previous years.

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Your thesis should only describe the results of experiments you have already conducted, not what you plan to do in the future. You should provide a brief overview of the results obtained or the general trends observed following the results of your experimental activities: describe, as far as possible, the most significant super results that you have, in more detail.

How to order a thesis for conferences from the authors of

  1. Study the structure of the material.
  2. Check the content of theses and the consistency of the presentation of the material.
  3. Do not use complex words – these are theses.
  4. Read and edit the work aloud.
  5. “Conclusions to the perfect thesis” – one of the most important features of qualitative research!

Therefore, these should end with a generalization, ie a Best conclusion that describes how your results fit into the overall research topic you were talking about. When writing a report, consider the views of the audience. Summarizing all the above in this article, we note quite important factors in writing scientific abstracts: the correct approach to writing abstracts and their presentation structure, as well as the requirements for writing abstracts dictated by the collection, whether these abstracts will be published or where they will be read. Conclusions should be meaningful.