Writemypapers.org: quality essays and your source of income

How many students write essays with pleasure, completely surrendering to this business! But even more students hate writing essays, have certain difficulties in finding information, or prefer to spend this time on other subjects or hobbies.

Writemypapers.org was created especially for those who don't like writing essays or who find it difficult to sit still for a couple of hours. And especially this service helps out during the session. Indeed, at this time there is simply no time left for essays, abstracts and term papers – all the energy is spent on preparing for tests and exams.

Why Writemypapers.org

  • Many types of writing: abstracts, reviews of books and movies, business plan, rewriting articles, essays, academic and term papers, theses, etc.
  • Low cost. One page of a 275 word essay will set you back $ 10.
  • Complete confidentiality of information.
  • Only experienced authors with 2 higher educations.
  • Strict adherence to the deadline.
  • Favorable discounts and loyalty program.
  • The ability to make money by inviting friends.

Writemypapers.org is new features:

  • To save time.
  • To improve your academic performance.
  • To earn pocket money.
  • To find your dream job.

And now about each of these points in more detail.

Favorable prices and a wide range of paper types

Writemypapers.org is attractive for its pricing policy. The price depends on the deadline, type of writing, academic level and number of pages. For example, a 10-page coursework with a 10-day deadline costs $150 for Undergraduate, $190 for Bachelor, and $240 for Professional. Likewise, the shorter the deadline, the more expensive the work.

By the way, on the site you can order an urgent writing of an essay or review. The minimum deadline is 3 hours. How do authors deal with this? It's simple. They divide the work into several parts, and several performers do each of these parts at once. Then, when the work is ready, the separate parts are combined into one work, and formatting is carried out.

After the author has written an essay, it is reviewed by another author, then – a proofreader (who corrects typos) and an editor (who checks the accuracy of information, looks for semantic, grammatical and spelling errors). Editing and proofreading are paid separately.

Besides the essay, you can order any other type of letter. For instance:

  • Review of the film;
  • Business plan;
  • Thesis;
  • Case study;
  • Coursework;
  • Bibliography;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Literature review;
  • PowerPoint presentation.

In total – more than 60 types of writing.

The professionalism of the authors works for you

You don't always have to make your own effort to improve your academic performance. You can simply order write my paper at Writemypapers.org. It will be written by professional writers with 2 higher educations. Because they signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), your instructor will never know that you didn't write the essay.

Additionally, for a fee, you can order:

  • SMS messages about order status.
  • Literature sources used in the work.
  • VIP service. It guarantees the priority processing of your order.
  • Table of contents.
  • Abstract Page.
  • Editing (search for semantic and spelling errors).

How to get an essay at a lower cost

Writemypapers.org has developed a loyalty program. For each order you receive a certain number of points, which depends on the amount. The points can then be exchanged for a discount. It ranges from 5% to 10%.

There is also a separate type of discount for large orders:

  • 5% – for orders of $500 or more.
  • 10% – if you order for $1000 or more.

But there is another way to get your essays cheaper. This is a referral program. You get 10% of the amount of orders of friends who use the services of the site on your advice. This money can be used as a discount, or you can withdraw it to a card and spend it on pocket money. Students often don't have enough money to buy a gift for their girlfriend or boyfriend, for entertainment, for food, and sometimes even for a taxi or public transport. But recommending a good service is so easy! Rumors between students spread quickly, so it won't be difficult to recommend a service and make money.

Doing business with Writemypapers.org

You can't be limited to small earnings at the expense of 5-10 invited friends. Create your website and professionally promote your company on the Internet. If you create a network of 10,000 students, you will receive huge income from their orders every month. And Writemypapers.org staff will be happy to help you promote and advertise on the Internet.

If you love writing essays, welcome to the company staff! You will be able to make a brilliant career, receive bonuses and permanent salary increments, and hone your skills in writing term papers. But this isn't the most important thing. You will help hundreds of students and make their lives better! This is a worthy mission!